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Deer Everywhere

The hard packed ice have brought the deer out of the woods this winter, in a five minute drive we counted around 75. There were always a few around my parents house at any given time, nibbling on crab apples and day lilies.VIEW FULL POST »

March Melts

March brings the marvels of melts.VIEW FULL POST »


I never get tired of photographing England, there seems to be something special around every corner. This summer hiking was a priority!VIEW FULL POST »

UK Trip Part 3: Durdle Door, Arne and Corfe Castle

When I lived in England, my husband and I hiked every weekend, now that the kids legs are longer we decided to drag them on a 6 km hike to one of the most scenic places in Dorset, the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth. When we left my in-laws house itVIEW FULL POST »

UK Trip Part 2: Abbotsbury and Athelhampton House

Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset is unique, this Swannery is the only place in the world where you are able to walk through the heart of a colony of nesting Mute Swans. This colony was established there almost 1000 years ago. My son and I were veryVIEW FULL POST »

The Digby Neck, Nova Scotia

When I was a kid we use to stay in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia every summer and I have missed that village for the thirty years it took me to get back. Nova Scotia is a place that makes a visitor feel so welcome from the moment you arrive and going backVIEW FULL POST »

Coyote and Caribou

At my parent’s place in Eastern Ontario, I’ve seen a lot of coyotes and heard their eerie voices echoing through the forest, but they are always elusive and shy. They certainly have not given me a chance to approach them with my camera,VIEW FULL POST »

Freezing Fog

After two nights of freezing fog the sun rose on a sparkling, silver world. White crystals covered every possible surface in the golden morning light, even heavily coating fine cobwebs. Using my Macro lens I explored my winter garden andVIEW FULL POST »

Blazing Barley

Light has a spectacular effect on a crop of Barley, a field can change from blue to orange in a few minutes. The tops of the grain ripple like waves churned up by a wind on the sea. In this series I wanted to convey the incredible heat of July asVIEW FULL POST »

Irises, Poppies and Clematis

Aaaah, wonderful, fresh summer! Last night, with the smell of the irises’ honey perfume on the breeze, I shot these serene photos with the kids jumping up and down and giggling together on the trampoline behind my head. I wish nights likeVIEW FULL POST »

Spring Beauty: Bleeding Hearts

The snow, wind and rain has whipped the tree blossoms in my neighbourhood into a sparse mess this spring. Instead I turned my attentions to a protected corner of my garden where my Bleeding Hearts weathered the storms and abuse and gave aVIEW FULL POST »

July Evening: Wildflowers

Last night, as the sun was setting, I wandered around the meadow at my parent’s place and came across these lovely little flowers. Backlit by the sun, the bladders of these little campions glowed like lanterns in the July eveningVIEW FULL POST »