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Deer Everywhere

The hard packed ice have brought the deer out of the woods this winter, in a five minute drive we counted around 75. There were always a few around my parents house at any given time, nibbling on crab apples and day lilies.VIEW FULL POST »

March Melts

March brings the marvels of melts.VIEW FULL POST »

Williamstown Fair, Ontario

Every year we reserve the first weekend in August for going to the Williamstown Fair (or as I affectionately like to call it: WTF). This year was the fair’s 200th anniversary, it was as hot as hell today, but we drank a ton of fresh pressedVIEW FULL POST »

In Deepest Dunvegan

Braving burrs, rotting logs (okay I took a tumble) and an enthusiastic cat, a photographer faces all sorts of challenges on the job. Despite all the treacherous peril in the woods, this was such an enjoyable photo shoot. I was spoiled for choice ofVIEW FULL POST »