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Weir, Québec just got weirder.

I am always grateful for my friends and I especially adore when we can meld creatively. Thanks for the fun, my sweets! Lesson learned: when you head off to the woods with your buddies anything can happen, especially when you visit Weir,VIEW FULL POST »

Steampunk Tendencies

Nancy at Overbury Ink has steampunk tendencies and she needed some shots for an upcoming feature on her work as a writer and blogger exploring the steampunk genre. What is steampunk? Definition: Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction,VIEW FULL POST »

J Stevens

Through the magical world of twitter J Stevens saw my portfolio and sent me an email asking me to shoot the cover for his new album. We chose Lachine Canal West of the Mercier as a location for J’s vision of Urban wasteland/Nature divide. JVIEW FULL POST »

Alabaster Skin

I love Gen’s Alabaster skin and those amazing cheekbones! Using all natural light in a doorway, I did not even need a backdrop to create these dramatic beauty shots.    VIEW FULL POST »

The Red Velvet Chair

What’s more fun than dragging a red velvet chair over country roads? Having friends who are also willing to drag a red velvet chair over country roads and then let you photograph them in it! What a fantastic weekend in the country with 5 greatVIEW FULL POST »