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Coyote and Caribou

At my parent’s place in Eastern Ontario, I’ve seen a lot of coyotes and heard their eerie voices echoing through the forest, but they are always elusive and shy. They certainly have not given me a chance to approach them with my camera, although I have come close enough when only armed with a glass of wine! The nearby Ecomuseum gives us a chance to see our local fauna up close and we especially love the otters, porcupines, wolves, bears and turkeys. The red fox which I have photographed at the museum is often friendly and curious, but this weekend the coyote was full of curiosity and approached the fence undaunted. Maybe he just thought the kids looked tasty.



The North American caribou migrate the furthest of any terrestrial mammal, travelling up to 5,000 km a year, and covering 1,000,000 km2. I wonder what these particular caribou must be feeling each spring, when they should be migrating 5,000 km to their summer grounds. I love photographing their long serious faces and I can’t wait to get some more shots when their antlers grow back.
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