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Favourite 5 Portraits

I have loved photography since I first permanently borrowed my Dad’s old Minolta SRT2oo SLR to take photography classes in College. In the past five years photography has become a passion. I have studied hard to improve my images, discover light and to understand people and what motivates them to preform well in front of the camera. To mark the anniversary of these 5 “best” years I am sharing with you my five favourite portraits.

1. THE FERAL BABY: This photo captures the feisty, wild spirit of my daughter. I love photos with kids not to be just about the smile, kids get tired of holding a toothy grin pretty quickly, so I like to see them let loose and just be. The rich, ferny, green framing her pale skin, makes this a stand out for me and that glare – its so her.

2. KAYLEE AND THE GRUNGY DOOR: We were surrounded by the magnificent architecture of Vieux-Montréal, but as we were heading back to the car I had to check out this door which was at the back of a really ugly parking lot. It was perfect, the old knots, the neutral colour, the strange pattern of nails and hardware, put dazzling Kaylee in front of it and WOWZA!

3. FLOATING MYRIAM AND KIDS: This was the first time I had shot in front of water and what an eyeopener that was for me. I never thought it would read so strong and dramatic in it’s simplicity. I’ve since done several photo sessions on water and I love it. Can’t wait to shoot my family on the ocean when we visit Nova Scotia this summer.

4. GEN AND THE MISCELLANEOUS BLACK FABRIC: My dear, friend Gen, is a great model for me, she has these magnificent cheekbones and perfect alabaster skin. We were shooting in the doorway of my parents old barn, when Gen pulled out this fabric and suggested we try it out. Gen held it out about 10 inches away from her face and it is perfect how the DOF is soft on the fabric, but crisp on her lovely face.

5. THE VOGHTS AND THE FIELD OF YELLOW SWEET CLOVER: The Voghts are one good looking family, with their imposibly blue eyes and charming ways. I had had my eye on this field of Yellow Sweet Clover (I think) for a few years and I knew I had to get them there when it was flowering. The thing I like about this picture is that it captures the sweet, freshness of summer, the golden-green goodness that is all to fleeting here in Canada. It makes me relish how photography captures and freezes those happy, warm days for us, when we are trying to survive the winter.

Alright, so I said 5 favourite portraits, but this one is for good luck! Number 6, to represent where my future in photography takes me…

6 – LUCKY BONUS FAVOURITE. OLD CUBAN LADY WHO LET ME TAKE HER PICTURE FOR 5 PESOS: What can I say about this photograph? I think it speaks for itself. I kind of wish she was my crazy Aunt.

That was hard to choose, I could have chosen so many more. Thanks to all my clients, friends and crazy strangers who have made my last 5 years in photography so damn fulfilling!
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