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Williamstown Fair, Ontario

Every year we reserve the first weekend in August for going to the Williamstown Fair (or as I affectionately like to call it: WTF). This year was the fair’s 200th anniversary, it was as hot as hell today, but we drank a ton of fresh pressed lemonade and took in the sights. Everyone was so friendly letting me creep into their booths and shoot all of the colourful food for sale. The jars of preserves were the first thing I spotted as I walked in the gate they looked like jewels in the sun, so many colours all over the place. Couldn’t get a cool shot of the cotton candy maker without risking equipment failure, but the dinky donuts were interesting with all that bubbling oil despite the burn hazard.

Spent a lot of my time shooting the food this year, but of course couldn’t resist some shots of the livestock and other fair activities all over the place. Kicked myself after for not photographing my Mom the moment after she stepped into a huge, hot cow pie with her sandals. Lucky for her there was a hose nearby for watering the cows and she didn’t have to stick her shoe and foot in the drinking fountain!

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